Pressure Washing

Pressure washing and cleaning is an important factor for deck upkeep and maintenance. We pressure clean and chemical clean as preparation for the restoration process of regular maintenance for the longevity of our products.

Color Sealing

Acrylic or Solvent sealers are for coloring and protecting old and new concrete surfaces. Color sealing is also used with a quartz bead additive for non-skid applications. Sealers are chemical and stain resistant. Clear or colorized to match any color or surface. Paint chips or color quartz may be added for a different look or effect. We recommend sealers for all of our installed products which in turn will extend the life of our products.

Epoxy Sealers

It is recommended to re-seal Epoxy Products every 12-18 months in order to extend the life of the product and retain the original shine. We only use 2-part blush free epoxies on all of our installations and re-seals. This is not the same product that is sold at local hardware stores. We recommend the use of the same product that you job was installed with.